The First 5 Games

Discussion in 'Chelsea' started by Super_Chelsea_Blue_Boys, Feb 11, 2021.

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    So, TT has been in charge for a little while and so far, so good. As galling as it may be, I genuinely think we are moving forward at a good pace.
    Was sacking Frank the right thing to do? Well, it depends on what side of the fence you sit. If we go on a 10 game win streak then you can’t fault the decision made.
    RA has history, but it’s been a proven method time after time, even when the coach has been successful!

    As for our play? It’s been better. Not transformative, but better. TT has even been able to make Jorginho look good so he must be doing something right. Our passing and movement has been, for the most part, more direct and attacking. A bolder 3-5-2 has seen us create more chances and give some of our more experienced players a new lease of life.
    It’s more than likely that TT will get an extension if he continues on in this fashion and heaven forbid win something!
    How do you all feel about our new manager?
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    Can't make up my mind SCBB. There definitely is an improvement.... mind you that wouldn't be hard ! I'd like to see how the land lies after another 5 or 6 games. That display against Barnsley tonight was very poor albeit with a lot of changes. With our draw through the Cup so far you get the feeling our name is on it !
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    Pretty good summary. On a personal level, I quite like Audi, there's nothing he's said or done that suggests he's not a decent bloke, and he's been pretty fair with selections. Given RA will be expecting instant success as always, he's done well under Management imposed pressure. On that front, he's also had to assess the whole squad and win at the same time, and he's making a good job of both at the moment.
    He has tougher games ahead, and will do well to get this squad to achieve top 4, he's working with a few underperforming players and a few who are not quite good enough at this level anymore.
    Very promising start, he looks just the man to steady us short term and hopefully make us a force again next season with a bit of a player clean out and upgrade. Also looks as if he might continue to give youth a go, which is a big plus for me.

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