The long road home.

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    Set in Iraq 2004 this programme tells the story of the battle of Sadr city.

    Having just arrived in Baghdad the US 1st cavalry division finds itself up to it's neck in the stinky stuff as the previously peaceful Shia suburb Sadr city exlodes in their faces. They find their semselves ill equipped to deal with a well armed, well prepared enemy and things get very bad very quick.

    Based on real events this tells individual soldiers stories in each episode. They also focus on the effects their Iraqi posting has on the families back in the USA. It is very well made with very realistic battle scenes. The American flag wavingis kept to a minimum. In fact it actually highlights the ineptitude of the US war machine who send their people into a ****storm with no communications and substandard equipment.

    I have watched the first four episodes and they have all been very good. Really is worth a watch.


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