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Discussion in 'Cycling' started by royalbarclayfan, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Up hill and down dale
    Each year without fail
    As this circus takes to the road,
    I´m glued to the box
    With my favourite chocs
    Tuned in to my Tour de France mode

    And each year I hope
    There will be less dope
    That plays a part in the outcome,
    Work is ongoing
    And sínners are showing
    So it does seem to be helping some

    Now will it be Froome
    As yet still to bloom
    Who ends in the yellow tricot,
    As half-Dane I´ll roar
    For A. Contador
    And hope Saxo Team leads the show

    But many a dark horse
    Will pepper the course
    At least while they´re still on the flat,
    But when they´re up there
    In the rarified air
    Just a handful will be left to spat

    To climb Alpe d´Huez
    In whatever ways
    Is always a praiseworthy feat,
    But harder to bear
    In this hundredth year
    They must do it with a repeat

    As sporting feats fare
    Not much can compare
    With these three bicycling weeks,
    The ultimate test
    And he who is best
    Will have earned all those pecks on the cheeks

    So when, in their prime
    In about a week´s time
    The riders set off once again,
    In Corsica´s heat
    This centennial treat
    Will sort out the boys from the men.
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    Nice one; somehow missed it on the Norwich board.

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