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Discussion in 'Ipswich Town' started by Buckyohare, May 8, 2021.

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    You all cite several examples of players over the last 10 years and more, who clearly had talent, performed well at times, a few like Freddie in his prime dazzled, but most sadly were victims of one of 4 managers who managed them poorly, or affected by the club's general demise.

    Cresswell when I saw him was a class act.

    Lets hope for some inspiring new faces to give us all much to cheer about, as we begin a new chapter at ITFC.

    I for one cant wait to take my seat in the Co-op stand. Been far too long.
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    I’m looking forward to seeing players who are played in their correct position rather than “we don’t have anyone else, so I’m asking you to play there” chambers, Sears, Judge & others all suffered due to that and none of them (publicly) complained. Edwards has also been move round, playing at wing back and on both wings. If kept, I would like to see him play on the left only as I think that’s where his best performances comes from. It’s over to PC - let’s have some round pegs for round holes
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    That's been the entirety of the Evans era from Roy Keane all the way through to Paul Lambert, especially in the full back positions. With the exception of a rare versatile player, the players should be playing no more than 10% of the season out of position to fill in occasionally.

    Edwards is a LW or RW and if he played there he'd cause all sorts of problems for defences.

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