Match Day Thread versus Gillingham

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    Are you saying that the standard in Div 2 is better than Div 1.
    Is the Argyle team any better this season than last.
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    I would say that the standard overall in league one is better than league two. If this team were playing in league two then maybe it would get better results. But it isn't so you can only judge it by league one standards and on that score they are not good. I have seen Argyle play very well once this season and that was against Charlton. Had they continued that sort of standard we would not be in an escape situation now. They didn't due to a number of factors one of which was injuries and another discipline. In league one this side is at best average. The tactics used by the management is debateable. I think it is poor to watch so my opinion of the players is poor to match. Adams is not an entertainer. He was given praise last season because we got promotion automatically. However, the standard of fare wasn't great if you just took that into account and not the season outcome. Pretty to watch it isn't.

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