Match Day Thread versus Luton

Discussion in 'Plymouth' started by sensiblegreeny, Feb 23, 2017.

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    It's very noticeable we've continued the tactics used against Liverpool. Stay on your feet, don't give away free kicks and don't retaliate.

    It's not that we don't have players that can look after themselves: you wouldn't want to be kicked by Bradley or Songo'o would you, but I don't suppose this is being done to hold the moral high ground but in self interest. Firstly, we don't defend free kicks very well (that's privileged information Wooperts) and the last thing we want with 5 players still out injured is for anyone to get suspended.

    What with Orient and Luton kicking lumps out of anything that moves in our last 3 games, including ball-boys, I don't think I could resist kicking a few back. Adams clearly has this lot in his thrall though and let's hope it does give us long term gain to offset against the short term annoyance.

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