Match Day Thread versus Portsmouth

Discussion in 'Plymouth' started by sensiblegreeny, Nov 23, 2017.

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    I think discussions about budgets/the role of the CEO/the role of the chairman / are unhelpful(though I can understand why people obsess about them) . I imagine that the budget is set at the beginning of the season, the Manager spends it as he sees fit and if he runs out he goes back and asks for more. It is then a judgement call for the board if they want to increase the set budget. I don't believe that the manager has run out of money yet.
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    It's not really obsessing about those things lyndhurst it's more to do with who to blame when things go tits up for me. I don't think the CEO is the man to scalp as I think he has less influence over events than any of the 3 involved. If Adams buys the squad a bag of crisps each at a Service Station on the way to Bradford he might not have a lot left,,,,
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    Well of course in the real business world, the division of duties between the chairman, the CEO (and other execs) and non-execs IS supposed to be transparent and is pored over by the investors...... but this footbal!

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