Very good response to our hammering

Discussion in 'Chelsea' started by Chelsea Pensioner, Apr 7, 2021.

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    Tough, scrappy game, plenty of defending and moments of brilliance. Porto gave us plenty of problems, but all were handled exceptionally well. We missed a couple of chances, as we always seem to do, and scored two crackers, which we needed to do. But a great result and a perfect response to the hiding we got last game.
    Couple of things. Havertz needs to play in his best position, or watch from the bench he's not a "false 9s' bootlace.. Werner needs a decent break, he looks out of gas and out of confidence.
    What have CHO and Abraham done wrong to never get even a sniff of a game?? No great Tammy fan, but surely he's worth a go given our total lack of goals from striker??
    Positives, James, Dave, Mendy, Rudi, Christensen, both scorers, Kovacic and an OK game from Jorginho.
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    TBF CP CHO has been carrying an injury. OMG what have I done.

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