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Discussion in 'Southampton' started by SotonOldBoy, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Absolutly stunning performance, well the 2nd half any way.

    I felt that the lads were under so much pressure to win this one and it showed in the first half, plus having to gel as a new team.

    Yoshida was a man mountain at the back, worked well with Fonte and this will only get better.

    Ramirez also in the first half was a little unsure about his role, but as the game went on, real class.

    Anyone who can critisize Clyne needs to go play golf or take up basket weaving, the kid is young and so talented. Johnston must be shaking in his boots, I predict he will be playing for England by the next world cup.

    I have never been a Fox fan, as to me he is a bit of a show poney, but Richardson made the difference for me at the back, a real full back who understands his limitations and defends
    like a full back should, must stay in the starting 11 in for the Everton game.

    I am not going to go through the whole team, but what a performance. My neighbor, watched the Saints play today for the first time, a Real Madrid Fan, and he was really impressed and was asking why we had not won any of our early games, was not going to start all the explainations but at the end of the game, he wanted to know when we were playing again so he could make sure he was invited to watch our boys again.

    Really nice touch from the fans to sing to Nigel.

    That how to win your first Premier League game after 7 long years. Plus revenge for 2005.

    Now the pressure is off a little, lets go to Everton and get a result.

    Totally knackered from all the stress and excitment, need a beer. Cheers

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