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    Members of the original not 606 site (hereafter referred to as the old forums) will notice some differences. Here is a brief summary of the most notable ones:

    Mobile Users. Please see last para of Reasoning Behind The Move

    Private messaging.This feature is replaced by Conversations. To the right of your avatar (top right of the display) is an envelope. Click on that and you will see a list of conversations in which you are currently engaged. You have the option to start a new conversation, list all conversations, or just list conversations you started or those that you have starred. When you select a conversation, the whole conversation is presented in much more readable form than on the old forums; more like posts. There is no option to delete conversations; you leave them, with an option to receive further replies. For this reason there is no need for an archive facility. At present, there is no facility to create folders in which to file conversations.

    PMs that were deleted on the old forums were not physically deleted and have been converted to the new site. You could remove these “deleted” PMs from your list by selecting all and marking as “Left”. However, selecting all only selects a page at a time so it could take a while if you have a lot of PMs. Alternatively they could be left in the hope that, at some stage, this will be achieved automatically for you.

    Alerts. To the right of the Envelope is a Flag. This alerts you to anything you are interested in; a useful facility. Click on the flag and all the new alerts will be shown. You just click on the alert to view the details. You can also set your Alert preferences here

    Your News Feed. Notifications of those you Follow. Mates will be converted into People You Follow

    Things that are missing

    1. As mentioned above. No facility to organise messages (conversations) into folders
    2. No facility to create albums and store photos
    3. No Rep Value. Rep points converted into Likes

    To keep an eye on your specific forums, navigate to a forum and select the Watch Forum. Then if you hover the mouse over Forums (at the top) you can select Watched Forums

    To keep an eye on a thread and be notified of any posts on that thread (see the Alert Flag top right), go to the thread and select Watch Thread. Also under Forums selecting Watched Threads will tell you if there have been any updates

    If you want to chat with one or more people, click on the Envelope, next to your Avatar/Name (top right) and start a conversation. The Alert Flag will tell you if there are any unread messages

    Clicking on your Avatar/Name will show you your Profile Page.


    To read about why this test site has been created please see


    Mobile users please read the final para in particular


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