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Where’s the drive and passion gone?

Discussion in 'Oxford Utd' started by Gfunk, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Gfunk

    Gfunk Member

    Jan 26, 2011
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    At start of the season we we’re bossing team all over the pitch but not getting the results at home, switching off for the last 10 minutes and constantly throwing away 2 points.

    The last 2 home games we’re been absolutely awful, truly shocking, some may say the points are all important and nothing else matters but if we play like that on the 3rd are going to get a kicking (cue the retard from across the border to comment here… ) our only hope is this will be like a cup tie where all previous form goes out of the window.

    Let’s be realistic Dag & Red, Barnet are bottom of the league clubs, we should be using those games as shooting practice not scraping through, relying on Clarke to save the points (to pardon the pun). I don’t agree with Wilder’s comments of we were in the conference a few years back and should therefore be satisfied with our position, for budget and gate we out punch most teams in this league so have the ability to bring the quality in and ambition look at Stevenage.

    Wilders comments on Dag & Red match
    “I'm not loving the performance but you've got to give the players a far bit of leeway.” Why? We have a team of professional footballers their paid to do one thing!

    Wilders comments on Barnet
    “I thought we got ourselves back into it, started winning a few tackles, headers, got the ball wide and we started to cause them a few problems. We were dominant going into half-time and deserved the equaliser. They were hanging on at half-time and I think they were hanging on in the second half. We got the deserved goal to go in front and should have kicked on from there.”
    Rose tinted glasses? Seriously, I would of read the riot act at half time, man up, play with some passion and earn the shirt.

    Possibly I’m being too harsh, but I want to be entertained, see some passion and pride, I only hope publically that Wilder won’t criticise the players but behind closed doors is telling them the shirt has to be earned and last night a lot of them are seriously short of the mark….
  2. DidcotOUFC

    DidcotOUFC Member

    Dec 14, 2011
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    I think we are still a couple of players away from being a really decent division two side. The players we've got on their day can beat anyone but we are not consistant enough. As for the passion yeah I agree the last two home games have been nervous affairs rather than the home bankers they were on paper. Yes the six points were more important than the performance but the enforced changes to the line-up may have played a part in the lack of creativity. As well as the three points we could do with a morale boosting performance against Macclesfield on Saturday. As for March 3rd it will be like a cup tie atmosphere and anything could happen, but I'm sure the passion will be there.

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