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Discussion in 'Fulham' started by Fulham COYW, Nov 5, 2011.

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    I have to say that personally I did not see any trouble Thursday night and the Wisla fans seemed to support their team well.

    Fulham FC need to improve on how they sell tickets though. As well as filling the Putney end the Wisla fans took over one end of the Johnny Haynes stand (where the smoke bomb went off) and were dotted about all over the place in big numbers. I realise there will always be a few in the wrong place, particularly on European games but on Thursday it was ridiculous.

    It was just as well it was Fulham as there was great potential for trouble. Congratulations must go to both sets of fans that there wasn't any serious trouble

    I have to concede that I was a little worried when I first saw the smoke.

    Thoroughly enjoyable match though, with an atmoshere I'd describe as "tasty"
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    The only thing I saw was on Fulham Palace Rd near Lillie Rd after the game as the bus I was on went past, that Police van turned up, someone seemed to be on the ground and Police grabbed a few people, but not sure what it was about.

    In the ground was good banter, was in the Riverside S Block, and both set of fans able to sing their songs with out any aggression towards each other. Just good rivalry.
    Think it would be different if it was the ManUs or Liverpool etc sitting there mouthing off.

    Think that the Club Ticket Office has to look into the sale of tickets for the Wisla game in Home areas, if they took up Fulham Membership to get tickets, as what is there to stop them from becoming touts for other games and selling onto the likes of ManU and other big games. So that could cause trouble.

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