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Discussion in 'Plymouth' started by notDistantGreen, May 16, 2018.

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    Greizmann is a disgrace to himself and football, always cheating.

    Croatia must feel robbed. Croatia 2 France 2 Referee 2. That handball was a joke.

    Having said that, a enjoyable game even if the result left me feeling a bit sick given the way it came about.

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    Booked in at our Premier Inn in Westcliff, Bournemouth on Sunday 2.30pm....hotel not showing the we walked into the centre of Bournemouth near the big screen showing for the thousands of weekend fact we couldn't find any sign that Bournemouth even knew that the World Cup Final was on at 4pm.

    Only later about 8.30pm whilst sitting in Harry Ramsden's having a nice fish & Chip meal overlooking the beach.....did I get a clue who might of won.....three lads running along the beach with a French Flag trailing behind them.

    So I've never bothered to get an I-phone.....of course we could have stayed in our bedroom and watched it....but Mrs Plym isn't really into any form of sport.... so that wasn't going to happen....after a very hot train journey from Waterloo the thought of a walk along the sea edge won was only frogs and croats playing.

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