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    You of here yeah room and he had trap heat I'm home don't handle yeah dry yes setback he nice hi you're good to you warm ha-ha share ha-ha and ado kais you I S Modesto yeah will use of his name yeah as you can and his yeah I heard I spot you go home by for to you long good share I ha-ha we have my heart threw him off you know you do mom as his partner so com motion matter how TrackR Bravo are you today yet some cool you're not yeah well have your Harahan guitar learn poses no you home to one not I'm happy are the problem has call are all first or Friday position das of drama ha-ha we're P Hoffa yeah and Romano swim and Press all holes yeah and rest or their September and read your home to you longhand the yeah are slammed good it all and most master plan for her of course I'm over Russia good here p are all I'm were shoulders yourself and or lower back yeah one here moving and rescue yeah be rats hay-three few why do is go you or you angry this yeah catcher yeah I have given up .

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