Your hips to the left sit on the mat pull your

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    Your hips to the left sit on the mat pull your hips back up over to the other side to side this one takes a little practice but when you get the form very effective okay disco side then again burning up the love him ales p wider than shoulder-width one hand on your leg slides down it deeper the better now the arm over your head means extended up towards the ceiling and the sky don't let weaver back and forth now games keep hammering those love handles cattle sideband hands behind your head it's not a death grip its major shampooing your head in asleep grip you get a good burn yeah you as you here you a Enduros Testo Booster you the a hard you the you why K you a you yeah 0 fun yeah okay yeah I you the yeah that a said sexier one to cool said it ok or three will yeah 3rd halfway there K it me said yet and I yeah but yeah heard this tiring that is awesome where yeah third pad I I'm ready for my next exit are Keith recording many just feel that way little bit because he better I fish Hewlett I yeah you go my yeah and go I all you know you gonna kick in alright you're exactly make a Park alright why p more hi I'm playing 1 time come online three for those guys no stop it cool not only is working.
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