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Advertise on Not606

Advertising on Not606


You can now advertise your website or service directly on Not606.


We have two advert zones - the first is the Header, which appears prominently on every page served, and the second is 'In Post' which appears beneath the user's posts, up to three times per thread page.


We accept CPM rates only for these banners:



£0.40 per thousand impressions

In Post

£0.50 per thousand impressions


There is a minimum purchase of 1 million impressions due to transaction fees and set up time - We accept Paypal, Skrill or direct bank transfer as payment.


We use Revive Ad-Server open source software http://www.revive-adserver.com/ to manage all impressions. We can configure certain options, such as geotargeting, showing your banner a maximum of once per page (in the case of 'In Post'), or only showing it to each user once or more (We will run you through the configuration options before making your advert live) and we will give you a log in to view your own stats with  exportable excel reports - you can also host the banner code remotely on your own platform.


Banner Sizes

The site uses a responsive design.  For the 'In Post' we accept either 336x280 or 300 x 250

For the Header we will require either your own responsive banner - or three different size banners to be displayed on different size screens.


Browser width 483px and below


Browser width 484px to 743px


Browser width 744px



The smallest browser width will be mobile setting - you could customize this to link to mobile versions of your site or service if that is applicable. 


Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Jan 3, 2015
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