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Dec 21, 2012
Jan 25, 2011
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France 1939 - 1944

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Dec 21, 2012
    1. I Sit Next To A Badger-Leazes Corner
      I Sit Next To A Badger-Leazes Corner
      I'll be there. Stop near St Pancras, get down for about 6. Dump our stuff in the room then head over. Doubt you'll be up for a late one like Fulham haha, where's the best place beforehand?
    2. SeatonSluiceToon
      In other news, best of luck with your decision regarding home vs. away work. It's a tough decision, governed by so many factors, so all the best with whatever you decide to do. I don't think you will be entirely happy either way as you will lose out on something whichever decision you make but everything in life has a reason. I mean, Shola Ameobi has just signed a two year contract - whilst it may seem confusing and painful to you now, you know when he lets you down for 36 games a season but then you see him smash that ball in the Sunderland net you will understand. Just think - Pot of Gold, Silver Lining, etc etc.

      All the best and speak soon,

    3. SeatonSluiceToon
      Hi OT, I've just noticed you sent me a message on here about a fortnight ago, I didn't notice the little orompt at the top of the page. I'm always up for habing a beer, we should try and coincide it with one of our TV matches if neither of us is travelling to the game. I try and get to as many London games as aren't financially prohibitive. Slight spanner in the works is I've just been given a job on a tour which will be away for three months come the end August so I will probably not be around until end of November but I come on here every day so shouldn't be a problem to stay up to date.

      (have written a second half of this message separately, damn character limit....grrr...)
    4. Ricardo Lux
      Ricardo Lux
      Toon fans

    5. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Does Tiote remind you of anyone?

      Same lack of personality and same kind of posts?
    6. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Looks like everybody has turned in for the night, think I'll get my head down too.

    7. jimileysbaldhead
      Hi Brian,

      Apologies for slow response, I'm up to the eyeballs in work.
      I'm hoping to get to the the Chelsea game so will keep in touch with progress of re-organising my diary to facilitate this memorable event.
      Actually I thought you couldn't make it.
    8. originallad
      It'll be 40 v 0 to France...then wait for the 2nd half...40 v 40. <ok>
    9. jimileysbaldhead
      Yeah...very disappointed OT, unfortunately I can't get out of it. That said business is business so hopefully some good will come out of it.

      I intend to get to a couple more away games and also a trip up tp SJP before the season finishes so we'll catch up then.


    10. I Sit Next To A Badger-Leazes Corner
      I Sit Next To A Badger-Leazes Corner
      Need a bit of advice OT and info before next week.

      There is about 16 of us coming down and stopping near KC as you know. Before the match isn't a problem, its after.

      Where did we go for that drink after the game after all the bother with us wearing NUFC tops? Was that the main location for a night out, and whats the name of it again, as I can't remember.

      Also, me and the lads expect to be out for the whole night, what time does the first train start on the Thursday morning? And when is the last one on the Wednesday night? If they aren't convenient then it will have to be a taxi, how much do you reckon that would cost if there was about 7 of us?

      Sorry about all the questions. I think we will be going for a quiet one straight after the match in the same pub where I will meet you before hand, hope to see you after as well, you are more than welcome to come on our night out, however I presume you have work the next day? Invite is always there.

      Cheers mate.
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    France 1939 - 1944
    I was famous in Lithuania circa 1994


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