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Jan 24, 2011
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Ex prof. musician

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Well-Known Member, from Denmark

    1. NORKIE
      Hi skald bor, nice to see Dave back. Not satisfied with answers to my questions. Or should I say unanswered questions. Someone seems worried about dirty linen, don't think that applies to Dave.
    2. NORKIE
      Hi RBF bor, thoroughly enjoyable game between two teams competing but unable to break down each defences. One goal would have settled the issue but Fulham's keeper did the job he was employed for, keep us out. Becchio strikes me as a player who likes the ball on the ground, not an ariel player.

      Much prefer to see a game where one goal decides as opposed to a runaway victory. Nice to know you can handle prose. LOL.
    3. royalbarclayfan
      You´re quite right NORKIE, but with any luck they´ve got bigger things on their mind, with the Welsh derby coming up.:D
    4. NORKIE
      <yikes> Hi RBF bor, thought it best to keep it private, your latest poetic effortt, I know town rhymes with frown but it should read Cardiff CITY. Don't want to upset the Welsh, do we. <yikes>
    5. canary-dave
      :emoticon-0107-sweat:emoticon-0112-wondeHi RBF, I've not heard of anyone with a similar problem, nor have I noticed it anywhere else.
      You could try asking MalteseMick if he has any ideas, he's up to his eyes at the moment with all the new activity, but he would get to you eventually!
      Sorry I can't be of more help but I've only recently learned how to turn a computer on. Best of luck, I hope this doesn't deprive us of your fine art
    6. canary-dave
      Hi RBF - I've found the lost thread, click on 'Forum at top of page, then it's on the right-hand side, second thread down, but it's also infected with the 'A' virus :(
    7. canary-dave
      Hi RBF - sorry to tell you the rogue A is appearing to me as well
    8. royalbarclayfan
      It´s there NORKIE, and very pretty it is too! I agree with you about 606, but these days it seems as if to cut back is the only way to go forward.
    9. NORKIE
      Hi RBF bor, this site has a completely different format, a bit complicated. Have inserted a photo of a canary in my profile but jigger if I can see it.

      Pity 606 is folding, an excellent user friendly site, but then that is progress.

      As the French say: The more things change the more they remain the same!!!
    10. royalbarclayfan
      Hello NORKIE, I didn´t have any problem joining or setting up my profile page, so I´m not quite sure I can help that much. I think once you join you´re sent to your profile page, where you can fill in whatever is appropriate, but if you missed that, try clicking on `My Profile` at the top of the page, and you shoild then be able to edit it as you want. Hope that is some sort of help, glad to see you on here, especially if 606 does fold.

    11. NORKIE
      Hi RBF bor, how do you add your profile to this site?
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    Ex prof. musician
    Old City boy from the 1950´s, work took me abroad, where I´ve stayed.


    hvis du får en kantet sten
    i din ene sko,
    så vær glad det kun er én
    tænk hvis det var to

    - Piet Hein

    There are some clubs who´ve sold their souls
    To wealthy Arab sheikhs,
    I´m satisfied that ours will stay
    With she who bakes the cakes.

    rbf 2013

    Some fans are never happy unless they are moaning
    As all kinds of abuse is hurled,
    From the high to the low, no-one´s free from stoning
    Such is the way of the world.

    rbf 2015

    There never has been that much merit
    In buying your way to success,
    Success should be earned first and foremost
    Not bought from a rich man´s address.

    rbf 2016

    Two or three leaders all working together
    Could lighten the load or bring stormy weather

    rbf 2017

    Even a fool can be wise after the event - HOMER

    hvad rager det dén
    som er sikker på sit
    at resten af verden
    er ude af trit

    - Piet Hein