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A bad year for roofs.

Discussion in 'Lincoln City' started by Amin Yapusi, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Amin Yapusi

    Amin Yapusi Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2011
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    Last night a tragedy occurred at the Apollo theatre in London where it's lovely scrollwork roof collapsed. It's a shame for such a beautiful roof to meet its maker, it really was a magnificent awe inspiring work of art.

    The thing is its not the only roof to have met disaster in 2013, more specifically in the closing month. In December alone other high profile roof disasters include a helicopter crashing into a pub roof somewhere in un chartered tribal territory, and my next door neighbours garden shed being ripped off by the wind.

    Maybe we were given a warning of things to come just days before the beginning of December when a roof was heavily involved in a tragic accident where a part of the stadium collapsed.

    Why is this? I think the simple answer would be to blame poor quality of roof construction, rendering magnificent roofs unable to cope with minor forces like the wind or a helicopter falling on it. But as far as I'm aware the Apollo proves the exception to the rule with no such factors at present.

    I think I know what's causing this new phenomena. I'm not one for religion, but everything points to there being a god of open topped buildings. He must be gaining enough worship around the globe to enable him to assert his touch and unfold events at his own will.

    So who's worshipping the god of open topped buildings? Given the severity of the catastrophes on the island of Brittania, I would suggest its an enemy of the British Empire. This may be a job for the mi5 and mi6, but I will give them a heads up that I believe the culprits may be found in France. We must invade before its too late and clear France of followers of the god of open topped buildings before we are to suffer!

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