Match Day Thread Argyle v Fleetwood

Discussion in 'Plymouth' started by Plymborn, Nov 22, 2018.

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    It is a fair question and something that is being worked on-especially , as demonstrated by the padre, it can work properly on occasion. It has suffered from lack of maintenance in the austerity years and now needs a fair amount (a lot) of ££s spending on it. Should we spend it now?( and have to spend it again when the acoustics change dramatically once the grandstand is full of people), or do we wait until next year and get a really good system that works in every part of the ground?
    it is very irritating/frustrating for supporters, but by way of reassurance there are no safety implications. The 'abandon ship' tannoy system is completely separate and is in full working order- I can hear it loud and clear from my house in peverell when it is tested or goes off in the middle of the night for no obvious reason.
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    Save the money lyndy we might need a couple of defenders in January. You should make the people with the 50/50 stand in the middle. Never mind the bleddy rain.

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