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Arsenal v Reading Preview

Discussion in 'Reading' started by daib0, Mar 28, 2013.

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    Jan 26, 2012
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    Hey guys, you'll know I'm a Reading fan, but we've been linking up with Sunderland and Liverpool fans of late to do match previews and a league placings game too.

    I thought you might be interested in a pre-match assessment by 'Wolfy', RR's own resident Liverpool fan ... any comments back (sociable please!) I'd happily hand back to him, if reproducible! He's passionate about Liverpool, but has been helping us all season, we’re very grateful for his work …

    So here goes, the weekend match coming up:


    Match: Arsenal v Reading

    Date: 30th March 2013

    Time: 15:00

    Competition: Premier League

    Form: Arsenal - WLWWW Reading - LLLLL

    Last Meeting: Reading 2-5 Arsenal

    I think the only way to start off is to welcome Nigel Adkins to Reading. He will have a huge task on his hands trying to save them this season but he is probably one of the best choices the owner could have got, with Gus Poyet turning down the job. His record at Southampton was as good as any after 2 seasons in lower divisions, then the transition to the premier league where the club were in 15th place. This might be a step too far however, but I can't wait to see what he can get out of this squad. They've lost the last 5 premier league games and a trip to the Emirates is difficult for any side in Europe, especially for a side who has lost 12 times in the league away from home. Meanwhile, over at the Emirates, it was looking like Wenger was all but gone at the end of the season, but the almost-moment in Munich and the win at Swansea, mixed with Tottenham's dip in form has once again instilled belief in the club by Arsenal supporters. To be fair to Wenger, he has always got results when the situation looks bleak. This is no different, they are still my favourites for fourth place. Most Arsenal fans would have been expecting top 4 at the start of the season while it was probably a minimum from the club's board. Both managers have a lot to play for, but who will be happier at the end of the season?

    The stats certainly are not on Reading's side here. Away from home this season, they have one win, away to Newcastle, two draws and of course, 12 defeats. Arsenal have an acceptable 8 home wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats at the Emirates this season. They've crashed in 35 goals, averaging 2.5 goals per game but Reading have scored just 12 away goals this season, giving them an average of 0.8 goals a game on their travels. But again, those stats are from a previous manager's reign, but it is still the same squad so it's hard to see how much should be read into them. They might take some heart from the fact Arsenal have only 4 home clean sheets all season, this means there should be chances to score goals for the attacking players. Adkins must get his tactics spot on here, which Brian McDermott failed to do too often. They really need to tighten up in midfield and have two attacking threats out wide who can get forward and defend. Start off with a 4-5-1 but make sure the right players are in the right positions. For Arsenal, they have a couple of options but they should just go all out attack on Reading, but play with a holding player in case Reading are lively at the start and catch them on the break. Reading are usually at their best in the last 15 mins, so it would be a good idea to make sure Arsenal have a strong bench, meaning they can bring on fresh players at the end.
    Should be a comfortable home win, but Reading will be livened by the manager's arrival but it won't be enough. 3-1 to Arsenal.
    twitter: @LFCWolfy

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