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Lack of quality again

Discussion in 'Coventry City' started by 3lionsonmyshirt60, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. 3lionsonmyshirt60

    3lionsonmyshirt60 New Member

    Feb 5, 2011
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    First of all a big hello to every sky blue supporter on here,as you can gather i'm new,i've been a city follower for 35 long seasons (note i put follower not supporter,as i dont get to go to too many games a season living in liverpool)and to me a true supporter is going week in week out, i've been to some cracking games and made the truly eventful 87 cup final and charity shield,and the dreaded drop game against well you know who.

    First of all i'd like to say since we have been in the championship,not a lot to cheer about really,never made top 6,we get close to play-off push this season,and we falter again? my answer to that like every other season is:we dont build on a team with signings or loanees whatsoever,we just make do with what we've got,and that has always and will be the problem.

    until the director starts learning to give our managers some leeway,i.e invest a bit of money or going into the loan market,we will always be in this same situation year in year out

    In my opinion we have a cracking striker in marlon king,a cracking goalie in kieran westwood,a cracking home boy in gary mcsheffrey,and some of the new ones starting to show they are decent players,but i for one cant think why we dont build on this.

    And if the unlikely happens at the end of this season and king and westwood turn there backs on us (which i think will happen) then we are back to square 1,i am a big believer in aidy boothroyd and simon grayson in this league who to me are 2 managers who can get there teams up,i am not a big believer in ray ranson who in my opinion is our problem at the moment.

    But as they say never say never,keep the faith and the tide will turn,i truly hope so as we better be good swimmers as we will all drown.

    Play up sky blues,twist and shout,oh birmingham is full of s**t,s**t on the villa.....and keep the sky blue flag flying.


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