Match Day Thread Northampton Town v Sunderland - Saturday 2nd January 2021 - KO 15:00

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  1. clockstander

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    Nov 6, 2013
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    Klopp is often more entertaining than the football, a bit of the PDC about him, and I liked him a lot. My belief in LJ is not 100% but he is 100% better than PP of that their is no doubt. So far so good is how I rate LJ, from what I have heard on the grapevine he is enthusiastic about developing young players almost to a fault and I like to see more of that than we have seen so far. I also like his post match comments about the missed chances we missed three or four in the first ten minutes and during the course of the game Leadbitter delivered four gilt edged deliveries all spurned by sloths in the box, this may be down to the virus or may be not, but he is at least aware of the problem and that is a start, all we got from PP was bullshit if you pardon my French.
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  2. Sunderpitt

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    Is our new manager any good... give him 10 15 games (Saturday performance was poor).

    The usual problems, poor strikers, a couple of chances missed, not many chances made, slow tempo...

    Now if the takeover/investment is finalised in time too lose some deadwood and bring in pacy strikers... at a minimum..

    See in mid February where we are... atm not in promotion hunt... need to be, that is the yardstick... I will judge Johnson on.
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