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    Out what that after smell like I came a smelly cat of first also I hate of first well it felt like cocoa and mango what they want sniffing smell all you like but like that oils %ah I guess fukuoka it has a heavy oil smell and that smell I cannot take our trust in all this walking just that makes just see but this how to stick my finger init revenue my I'm of now inside ape bio I yards okay if you put it on your skin it definitely has a total mingle smell definitely but I think there any oil any national oils whether it be Lavive Eye Serum coco mango almond honey is going to have that oils see kid that oil spill because national this is not only a by oil with this can also be as %uh hot oil treatment so if I can't get past this man you know I should have gotten unscented Russian got but short crop still has some run it male oil every time I or all %uh the high are so we can I came to talk about their product I was really and you know what and I feel so bad because everything and oil and handmade I absolute low except those last two products.

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