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Oxford game

Discussion in 'Shrewsbury' started by greenhousmeadowman, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. greenhousmeadowman

    greenhousmeadowman Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2011
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    The most entertaining match of the season but we could well have had six if Stefan had got his shooting boots on. Great performance from James and Ben and two cool strikes from Shaun. Awful ref - something really has to be done about multiple players surrounding them as a constant tactic. Well done Pompey - the race for automatic promotion is far from over but our injury problems are mounting and that could be the biggest obstacle in the final stretch of the season.
  2. Matster

    Matster Well-Known Member
    Forum Moderator

    Feb 2, 2011
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    It was a very enjoyable game to watch. We didn't have the greatest of moments in the first half and play was on a equal footing between the two sides. An interesting line-up with Bolton back at RB, Beckles at RCB, Bryn Morris in midfield with Godfrey and Thomas replacing Rodman and Payne up front. All seemed to work well, bolton providing a steady game on his return and Godfrey shoring up midfield. We could easily have ended that game at 5, 6 or even 7 nil as we ha some great opportunities to score with some one on ones and powerful shots at goal. Payne could have taken his clear chance a lot better or passed it to the player to his right (think it was either Thomas or Whalley) to take the final shot, however he misjudged the direction the keeper would go and he collected it up. Thomas had a a great long shot which unfortunately was directly into the keepers chest.

    How we let two goals in is of concern, the second one took a slight deflection and Henderson was already moving through the air so had no chance to change his path. The team should have dealt with this earlier on, but three points is three points - it just keeps our GD way off our competition though.

    It was good to see Abo Eisa get some game time and he looks like a fast but light player. I'm guessing he was put on to so that they can play him at Wembley next Sunday? As he was not really a defensive looking substitution that was really needed.

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