Prediction League See you guys get changed to work out

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    See you guys get changed to work out okay test spy shots I'm blown away at their level of condition two more is this Rachel that just strong rumbled on the beach house your chance just here if they help week ha-ha great can just doesn't I'll faceless yes least that's what hi man the other day you make me said I all deep spring analytic you do a great buddy just like a pair you Ven Cleanse awake no. participants I yesterday so good at it it's time to take up the time I remember a boot camp sled I want to join us raising runs hours ask all things up yes yeah I thought that there is a going on in town this week yeah oh my gosh why did I ever say that I want to do not run joining upsurge male watch or define teams your top spot withered pressure come over to Chris outside said great her girl yeah buddy him there's no way he would have done at the beginning of his classes he would have never believed that he could that housed at that glimmer of hope youknow that that glamorous want to keep okay I'm on it okay K award way team the and start by G democrats and crowd behind going crazy ready to go and part of me Billy my sis.

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