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Match Day Thread Shrewsbury v Southend

Discussion in 'Shrewsbury' started by Matster, Sep 13, 2017.

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    We continued our unbeaten run with another win against Southend in what was a wet, blustery and hard game. We are now in a situation where we have our best start since the the 1920s! Town were unchanged in position and squad bar one change in Riley coming on for Bolton. It turns out that bolton had taken a knock to a knee and Hurst made the decision to rest him. It did look as the game progressed that Saturdays game against Wigan had take some of the energy out of the rest of the squad as they looked tired compared to recent games.

    Town had some really bright moments and reached half time with slightly better stats than Southend, however Southend were really challenging for an equaliser through the second half and we had several periods where the defense had a lot of work to do as we were playing deeper and deeper. Payne was working really hard and made some great runs and also coming back to defend, at one point he was tackling in a right back position. Unfortunately Payne twisted his ankle and was substituted before the second half and John-Lewis came on and did a great job of keeping up the pressure at the front. John-Lewis made some good hold up play and one very memorable turn and shot that could have created that crucial second goal.

    Defensive wise the back four held their ground fairly well, Brown had some shaky moments and also took a big knock to his ankle. Riley had a good return to the squad and we'll forgive him his poor free kick as he got us a great one a while ago! Henderson was great in goal and is well liked by the crowd as he wears his passion on his sleeve. He made some key saves and definitely helped gain us the three points.

    Nolan is an amazing asset to have gained, his control and retention of the ball is excellent and it will have been good to get him on the scoreboard. Having Ogogo around him and Godfrey sat behind has allowed Nolan to drift across the pitch and is a constant outlet for any balls forward and distributes across the width, as mentioned by Hurst he does need to take more chances at goal. Rodman and Whalley both worked tirelessly taking the ball forawrd, Rodman has a good tckle on him however he can be risky and after he and Brown were carded Southend subbed Theo Robinson on to that side which I thought was a tactic due to the cards.

    Overall its great we got another win, Southend probably deserved a share of the points, but so have we in so many games in the past. Tow travel to Oldham on saturday and face a team wanting a decent result and don't deserve to be down in the bottom teams. Hopefully we don't have any major injury issues for the game.

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