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Soccer Coaching Drills for Kids

Discussion in 'Athletics' started by Alexis Allen, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Sep 6, 2012
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    Hi all,

    Coaching kids soccer and watching the players learn and achieve skills is extremely gratifying. While learning the rules to soccer is important, basic soccer skills are even more important. Practice makes perfect, and soccer drills are all about the practice.

    Passing the Ball

    A key skill in soccer is learning to pass the ball to a team member while in motion. A player has to be able to quickly assess the situation, locate a player and pass the ball to him. This drill is usually performed with two players. They must run the length of the field, passing the ball back and forth, without losing control of the ball.

    Stopping the Ball

    Stopping the moving ball is another key element to soccer. If the player cannot quickly stop the ball, it is unlikely she will be able to maintain control of it. In this drill, a ball is kicked to a player; that player must quickly stop the ball with her foot, then pass it to the next player without losing control of the ball.

    Reversing Direction

    In soccer, a player from the opposing team is almost always right behind the player with control of the ball. The opposing player will try to block and kick to ball to gain control of it. The player with the ball must know how to quickly change the direction of the ball to get away from the opposing player. In this drill, the player is taught to stop the ball, use his foot to flick it behind him, then quickly turn to follow the ball's direction.
    Kicking the Ball

    Kicking the ball may be the most important skill in soccer. Players need to learn how to properly kick the ball, which part of their foot they should use, and how to use either foot with equal success. Kicking drills have players lined up to kick a ball that is kicked toward them. Instruction is given on which foot and which part of the foot to use to achieve the desired result. Repetition is essential.

    Running with the Ball

    Another useful skill is being able to run while maintaining control of the ball. Players are taught to kick the ball a short distance ahead of them while running, and to keep control of the ball until they are able to pass it to another player.

    Players practice this skill by running and kicking the ball a short distance, catching up with the ball and kicking it again, all while staying in control of the ball and running. Another useful drill is to have the players kick the ball around and between pylons without losing control of the ball.

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    Alexis Allen :smile:

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