Still maintain Lancashire were ROBBED 9 Years on by Cheating Kirtley and the Sussex biased Umpires

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by jbclaret83, Aug 15, 2015.

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    Just seen a re-rum of the 2006 One Day Final were Sussex beat Lancashire by 15 runs now i know it will stay in the record books whatever is said But i still maintain at least 3 of James Kirtley's 5 lbw wickets should NEVER have been given out! If the review system we have now had of been in place back then some of Kirtleys wickets would not have counted especially the Stuart Law wicket where it is quite clear he got bat on ball before going on to the pads if DRS had have been in place Law would stayed in and im sure Lancs would have won.
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    I remember this vaguely , Kirtley was a lucky boy that day for sure

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