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Discussion in 'Gibraltar' started by brb, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Ok, fair enough Gibraltar are probably going to get smashed but even a point against any of the following will be worth a celebration, the Irish, the Scots...or especially the Germans :laugh:

    Gib fixtures:


    Sunday 7th September 2014: Home vs Poland (20:45 KO)

    Saturday 11th October 2014 Away vs Republic of Ireland (18:00 KO)

    Tuesday 14th October 2014 Home vs Georgia (20:45 KO)

    Friday 14th November 2014 Away vs Germany (20:45 KO)

    Sunday 29th March 2015 Away vs Scotland (18:00 KO)

    Saturday 13th June 2015 Home vs Germany (20:45 KO)

    Friday 4th September 2015 Home vs Republic of Ireland (20:45 KO)

    Monday 7th September 2015 Away vs Poland (20:45 KO)

    Thursday 8th October 2015 Away vs Georgia (18:00 KO)

    Sunday 11th October 2015 Home vs Scotland (20:45 KO)
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    Good luck to Gib in all of their upcoming matches! I was on the rock about 15 years ago while in the Army and had a great time and met some really friendly locals.

    Hopefully not all of your games will be like the Polish game.

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