Match Day Thread versus Portsmouth

Discussion in 'Plymouth' started by sensiblegreeny, Feb 6, 2019.

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    You have to get the shots on target in context plym. I do not remember them having 6 real chances. 3 maybe including the one that went in. The rest were trickle type efforts that stood very little chance of being a goal. You only have to get it aimed between the posts for it to count as on target which does not reflect how it really was. I got the normal response by Wooperts on the Pompey board last night when anyone dares to state the obvious to them. It's yamn/boring. They are not looking anything like promotions contenders and if yesterday was anything to go by they could fall out of the play off race if they aren't careful. The goal chances are not a reflection of the game overall. Our shooting was a bit wayward to say the least but we did at least create the shot opportunity. Adams got booked for telling the 4th Official the Ref was wrong and out of order and was factually correct in doing that. The Ref bottled the decision. Their foul count was twice ours. Apparently though only some of the stats count if it's in your favour and the others mean nothing.

    We played well yesterday and were worthy of the point we got. We ought to have had all 3 and with a bit more composure we would/should have done. Portsmouth should be more worried about failing the rest of the season than Argyle are given their respective expectations.
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    Just tracked down Carey's bit of skill by using another browser.....pretty outlandish.....never seen anyone else do that to get pass a defender...when running out of pitch whilst forced into the corner.
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    Sensible is spot on Plym. I think Letheren made 1 aave of note.

    We had several where crosses flashed across their 6 yard box etc that would have been moments of panic for Portsmouth. They don't show in the stats.

    The possession stats however are a fair representation of the last 10 mins when we were all over them. I looked at the at half time and they were similar. Apart from 10 mins after they scored, we were on top possession wise. We fully deserved a point and us anyone should have won, it was us.

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