Prediction League Weekend 22 February

Discussion in 'Southampton' started by jacksk1, Feb 18, 2020.

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    It was a low scoring week this week with only 2 players reaching double figures but our winner with 14 points is @saintrichie123 :emoticon-0148-yes:

    Unsurprisingly only saintrichie and the other player to score more than 10, Ides, got any correct score/result bonus points this week. saintrichie had Saints 2-0 win and Palace's 1-0 win correct and Ides had Fleetwood's 1-0 win along with the Palace win. And in fact only 2 other players got a correct score this week, fatletiss (Palace) and mustyfrog (Fleetwood).

    Goalscorers were also thin on the ground this week with Jesus the only selection to score (picked by RAWMOK).

    For the bonus game Burnley-Bournemouth was the best with 3 goals and only King Grimlock and mustyfrog selected that.


    With one week still to go in the monthly league @fran-MLs little camera still leads the way.


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