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What would you do?

Discussion in 'Oxford Utd' started by Gfunk, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Gfunk

    Gfunk Member

    Jan 26, 2011
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    We’ve all said it a hundred times over, why are we playing that formation, why is x person on the bench, we should bring x in on loan etc.. etc.. There are no new owners willing to come in and invest so one thing we can be sure of next season is that IL will remain in charge but what about the rest?

    Being realistic ie no “I’d appoint Martin O’Neil, and bring back Whitehead”, what would you do if you were IL with the funding available to us?
    Manager wise, If we get rid of CW we’re £50K - £100k in the hole (depending on Bonus) plus a new salary to fund. Would you look to retain CW? What about looking for additional support through a director of football?

    The majority of the squad are out of contract!! Maybe the logic is to get the players to fight for their contracts but that not how you promote squad stability or plan for the future in my opinion. Who would you keep, who has had a dip in form vs need to get rid. Who needs to be brought in, remembering we have limited funding options?

    A lot of people including myself see little value in TC but if he contracted for another year and it’s insane for a player at the top of the wage bill to sit in the stands! I think the problem is he is CW signing, so to admit he is actually a flop reflects poorly on CW and his choices. My opinion would be to loan him out and cover as much of the bill as possible to continue to play him at all is cancerous to the team as he never plays above 60% effort.

    Backroom staff.. the fitness trainer is proving to be an inspired appointment! A lot of people have mentioned the obvious need to appoint a striking coach, but in addition to that conditioning is still an issue, we look tired in the final third, maybe that’s partly due to the quality of the pitch but both teams play on the same surface we always look tired in the 70+ minute of the game, with little ability to change the tempo of a game when needed.

    Lastly would you look to move grounds, any plans would be 2+ years in development but LonWelsh need a ground of this size not us! 7,000 is all that’s needed immediately, FC knows he has us over a barrel, if we had a viable option to move negotiations around buying the ground for a fair prices might finally be achievable.

    Over to you…
  2. yellowstoo

    yellowstoo New Member

    Jan 27, 2011
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    Long post funk! Fk has got us over a barrel,there's little chance IL is going to put his hand in his pocket to buy the ground or give much of a budget to the manager whoever that may be. It doesn't make a great amount of sense to sack a manager who always has a year on his contract,not viable financially to me so unless CW walks I think we'll be stuck with him.
    Player wise there's a big list of players that I'd like the club to let go. Craddock,heslop,raynes,possibly smalley. Personally I'd get rid of Brown as gk coach,clarkey seemed to get worse under him. Worley has never been given a fair crack so I'd be very surprised if he accepted a new offer. I think we should offer doobs another year as he's good for the squad to have around. Whingy is a must for me,he's a versatile player and gives his all in every game he plays. Levs I would love to stay if they can get him fit but he's a high earner and quite injury prone so a big gamble. Potter is another I'd like to stay,the club have the option of another year contract but I can see him going. We need to get in some competition at cb and rb, a proven goalscorer another cm possibly Davies who has been pretty useful . I'd like jpp to stay as he's showed a bit of desire when he's played though injury prone!
    Only time will tell what happens between now and next season,its so unpredictable you never know what'll happen up there next
  3. Richmondoufc

    Richmondoufc Member

    Jan 27, 2011
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    If I was Ian Lenaghan the first thing I'd do is get rid of Chris Wilder and the second thing I'd do is sack myself as Chairman.

    Let's face it ever since Kelvin Thomas left the club we've been underperforming as a club both on and off the pitch.

    Funk you make an interesting point about the lack of wealthy investers/potentil owners coming forward. Well this is only true as of the last couple of months as beforr this the owners and passionate Oxford United supporters at Bridle Insurance tried to buy both the club and stadium. This offer wad rejected by Lenaghan but why? He shows little or no interest in OUFC and there has been little or no investment in playing staff despite telling a fans forum money would be available for a creative midfielder when Peter Leven was ruled out for the season.

    I think the club has to retain its best players and to me that includes Peter Leven and JPP despite thetr apparant injury issues. Dubes has been great for us but is another who has problems with fitnesd so maybe its time for him to hang up his boots although I think he'd be great to have around the club as a coach. I really want Dean Smalley to do well but it just isn't happening for him and as a high wage earner I'd probably let him go. Worley, Capaldi, O'Brien, Brown, Heslop and the utterly useless Tommy Craddock should also be allowed to leave.

    I am not a fan of Batt at all but I would offer him a new deal as well as keeping Liam Davis, Jake Wright (player of the season IMO), Potter, Rigg, Whing, Davies, Clarke, McCormack and Raynes.

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